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Name: Berol / Derwent Pencils

Size: Wonderful for colour on your bears eye area etc

Colours - Black, chocolate, sepia, some pinks and lilac
Price: R 35.00
Name: Bear makers floss Size : 20 yards
Type: Waxed thread Special Price : R80.00
Colour: white only can be split into 2- 3 strands
Name: Gel Pens - to draw out your pattern on fabric

Colours : Gold, silver, black, green

Price: R 25.00
Name: Mini Nose Wax

Size: Black + clear

Price: R 45.00
Name: Needle Set

Size: All you will need. T pins for ears, Doll needles for inserting eyes, needles for sewing, pins

Price: R 50.00
Name: Nose Glaze

Size: 5 ml

Price: out of stock
Name: Inky pots

Colours: Sand (light brown)
Truffle (dark brown) Black,
Pink, green, grey, Autum leaf (rust),Thistle (lilac), red, blue yellow, white

Must buy a Fuzzy tip for each colour
Great alternative to airbrushing Price: R45.00
Name: Fuzzy tips
Must buy a Fuzzy tip to apply each colour above
Great alternative to airbrushing Price: R12.00
Name: Tacky glue Size: 118 ml
Type: Dries clear Price: R 49.00
Type: Great for all your fabric and eyelash needs
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